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North Korea has about 10 nukes on stand by

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Q: How many nukes do north Korea have on standby?
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How many nukes does North Korea have?

About 5-8. that is a very little amount America has about 9,600

How many nukes have been used?

Obviously two have been used in anger, but hundreds have been carried out by the Americans, Russians and the French. Nukes have also been detonated by the UK, Pakistan, India, Israel and more recently North Korea. Together the number of nukes detonated runs into the hundreds.

Why is it that Russia has so many nukes but if North Korea had a single nuke US would attack?

1) The US and Russia are for the most part no longer "enemies". 2) North Korea is very likely to use any possible nuclear technology against South Korea, which is a US ally; I don't think Russia wants to attack South Korea. 3) As I said earlier, Russia is not likely to attack the US, North Korea is.

Why do many people think that North Korea fired on South Korea?

Because North Korea said they did.

How many TV's are in North Korea?

North Korea has 1,200,000 TV sets

How many people like North Korea?

Nobody likes North Korea.

How many times did North Korea attack South Korea?

North Korea attacked south Korea around 16 times.

How many North Koreans have left North Korea?

not much. Because north korea dont let people to go out from north korea. If they try they are executed

How many sq miles is North Korea?

North Korea covers approximately 46,541 square miles.

How many Koreas are there?

There is 2 North Korea and South Korea

Is there McDonald's in North Korea?

No, there are no McDonald's dining establishments in North Korea. Many popular "Western" chains are also not in North Korea.

How many time zones are in North Korea?

One time zone. North Korea, South Korea, and Japan share a time zone.