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I don't know, I was wondering the same thing! do you know the answer- anyone?

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Q: How near is Germany to Belgium?
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What are the countries near the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a country. It is not in any other country.

What is a European country near Belgium?

France, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxembourg all border Belgium.

What countries are near the Netherlands where the first fire hose created?

The Netherlands has land borders with Germany and Belgium

Where was the fight of passchendael?

In Passchendaele!!! Near France, Belgium & Germany approximately.

Is Belgium near Germany?

Yes, the two countries have a common border.

Which neighbouring country is the nearest to Belgium?

Belgium shares land borders with Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. There are - because they touch Belgium - all equally "near" to Belgium.

Countries near holland?

Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany mainly. Britain is also quite close.

Which city of germany has the longest bridge?

The Wuppertal Schewbebahn is located in Wuppertal, Germany. Wuppertal is located in Nordrhein Westfallen near the border of Belgium.

Is France in Germany or near Germany?

France and Germany are two different countries in Europe. France and Germany are near eachother, but both are pretty big countries.

Is udenbrether weg 11 an address in germany?

Udenbretherweg 11 53940 Hellenthal, Germany It is located near Bonn and is very close to the border with Belgium.

How far is Belgium to Germany?

Belgium and Germany share a common border.

What is Luxembourg's neighbors?

Belgium , Germany , France BTW: they speak french there