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Farmers owned the land they farmed, and could keep what they earned. Sharecroppers farmed land owned by someone else, and kept part of the profits from the crop.

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Q: How were farmers different from sharecroppers?
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How were tenant farmers different from sharecroppers?

Tenant farmers were different from sharecroppers because they usually had their own tools and animals.

What group was least likely to prosper after the war?

The Sharecroppers farmers in the south will like not prosper after the war.

Are Tenant farmers in Uruguay known as gauchos?

Tenant farmers in Uruguay are known as gauchos. Such farmers will lease land for cultivation and are different from sharecroppers.

Why did many farmers become sharecroppers?

So many freedmen and poor whites became sharecroppers.

Who was excluded from the prosperous 1920's?

the farmers and sharecroppers

How were tenant farmers different from the sharecroppers?

d. usually had their own tools and animals

Which form of the following did most sharecroppers and tenant farmers make their living?

Sharecroppers and tenant farmers made their living from cash crops.

What did most sharecroppers and tenant farmers make their living?


What African American woman did Lithographs of Sharecroppers and Two Generations?

why did farmers become sharecroppers sharecropping offered a measure of independance

What was the difference between tenant farmers and sharecroppers?

Tenant farmers rented land and paid a fixed rent to the landowner, while sharecroppers did not pay rent but instead received a portion of the crops they grew as payment. Sharecroppers typically had less control over their farming decisions and were more vulnerable to exploitation than tenant farmers.

What group of ten often took advantage of farmers and their dependency?


How did tenant farmers differ from sharecroppers?

Used their own tools and animals