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They were affected mentally, emotionaly, and economically. Mentally because now when most veterns look back they have bad memories. Emotionaly because many of the familys lost a loved one in the war. Economically because the cost of the war supplying the weapons and other supplys needed.

Mental what it was called

Civil War-Soldiers Heart

1st World War-Shell Shock

2nd World War-Battle Fatigue

Current-Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

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Q: How were soldiers and civilians affected by the First World War?
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how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

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The total was 13 million soldiers killed and 17 million civilians killed

How many people died in first world war?

about 20 million of which half were soldiers and the other half were civilians

What nations paid the greatest price in terms of the number of lives lost during World War 2?

Russia 10 million soldiers 25 million civilians China 3.5 million soldiers 20 million civilians Germany 5 million soldiers 7 million civilians Japan 2 million soldiers 3 million civilians Poland 250,000 soldiers 5 million civilians

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Alot, let me tell you.

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Your question needs to say who "they" refers to. Soldiers? Civilians? Who?

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Mostly the soldiers that fought, but a lot of civilians too.

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418,500 American Soldiers and civilians.

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10 million soldiers 14 million civilians 24 million total

How many soldiers and civilians died during World War 2?

Around 24 Million Soldiers died during World War 2 and around 47 Million Civilians died during World War 2. 12 Million out of 47 Million Civilians were victims of the Holocaust apart from Soviet and other Allied POW's.

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