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England and America

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Q: Name two countries in which industrialization got an early start?
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Name two countries in which industrialization got an early start explain why-?

Great Britain its factors of production and the United States its factors of production too and inventors from Great Britain.

What was the name of the reform movement in the early 1900s concerned with curing problems of urbanization and industrialization?


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United Kingdom and Ukraine are countries. They are in Europe.

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There isn't one.

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Zambia and Zimbabwe are the only countries that begin with the letter Z.

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Liechtenstein I presume you mean L at the start of their capital's name. England (London).

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Africa is the continent with the least industrialization, particularly in the sub-Saharan regions where industrial development lags behind other parts of the world. Many African countries face challenges such as lack of infrastructure, technology, and investment that hinder industrial growth.

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