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No. They must follow orders under any conditions.

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Q: Should soldiers be allowed to join unions?
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Are Civil servants are allowed to join unions and go on strike?

In Australia they can and do

What event encourage garment workers to join unions?

Labor Unions

Who was not allowed to join the knights of labor?

The American federation of labor was founded in 1886 by Samuel Gompers and allowed skilled working white men in smaller unions. African Americans and women were not allowed.

Which President gave government employees the right to unionize?

President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10988 in 1962 which gave federal workers the right to join unions and engage in collective bargaining. Congress passed the Civil Service Reform Act in 1978 that established the legal steps that federal employees could use to join unions. Federal workers were allowed to join or not join, to assist recruiting or not assist recruiting, or to form or not form Unions. Once formed, a federal union and it's members could engage in all the activities of regular unions.

Should gay people be allowed to join the army even if they have a spouse or partner?

Gay people with spouses and partners are allowed join the army. So no discussion is necessary at this time.

What legal restrictions did England place on unions in the early part of the 19Th Century?

In England, worker's efforts to form unions was not well taken by the government. At first, English courts found unions to be illegal. The Combination laws decreed that workers who joined unions could be imprisoned. Because of mass disregard of these laws, Parliament in 1824 granted workers the right to form and join unions, however, they were not allowed to strike.

Who did Saint George marry?

George was a Roman soldier and soldiers were generally not allowed to join the Roman Army. Therefore, Saint George was probably not married.

Should older men join the army?

They technically aren't allowed to; the maximum age to join just the Army Reserve is 42.

Are older or younger workers more likely to join unions?


What impact did new deal programs. and legislation. have on lives of industrial. workers?

The New Deal programs put a large number of unemployed back to work, and allowed them to join unions, giving them rights.

What motivate individuals to join professional associations and unions?

they feel it is their right to be part. therefore they join the association.

Why do workers join the trade union?

Employees join unions in order to get fair representation. When employers are not treating them fairly, employees may feel that they don't have a voice, but unions counter that.