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Q: This document called for the colonists' independence from England?
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Was a document of freedom signed in Boston?

it was known as the declaration of freedom the person who signed it was john hannock the book i got it from is called judy moody declares independence

Did the American colonies have good reason to wage war against England?

The same reason as any colony, independence. The Vietnamese colonists fought a war of independence against France (1946-1954/1st Indochina War). However, one must keep in mind, that revolutions are crimes against the state. The US Civil War was actually called during the time, "the war of the rebellion", which was a revolution for independence...the same as the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 (4th of July celebration). As Ben Franklin stated when he put his name to the Declaration of Independence, " least we'll all HANG together..." (if they lose the war). Legally, if the Colonists had lost the Revolutionary War, they could have been hanged for TREASON against the Crown (Britain)! When the Confederates lost the US Civil War in 1865, the leaders were put in PRISON! Including the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.

What were colonists who supported the Revolution known as?

the british called them rebels but they were real patriots

What is America's war for independence known as?

americas war of independence is also known as the revolutionary war, but that is not what is meant to be called, it is actually the war of indepence.

What is the continental congress called for peace made preparations for war and declared independence?


Related questions

What document called for the colonists' independence from England?

Declaration of Independence.

Colonists who opposed independence from England were called?


What were the American colonists called who wanted there independence from England?

Colonists or rebels, depending on which side you were on...

How were the colonists that wanted independence from England called?

They were called rebels or patriots, depending on who you talked to.

What is the document called that states the reasons why the colonists wanted to break away from Britain?

The Delaration of Independence

Why is the Declaration of Independence also called a document of war?

The Declaration of Independence was a letter written to King George telling him that the colonists wanted to be free. It is considered a war document because it is really what started the Revolutionary War.

Colonists who fought were called?

"Patriots" was the name given to the Colonists who fought for independence. Loyalists aka. "Tories", were those Colonists who remained "loyal" to King George III i.e. England.

Which document explained the reasons that the colonies were breaking away from England to form their own country?

the document was called the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson

What were the colonists who wanted to fight for independence called?

The colonists who wanted to fight for independence from Britain were known as the Patriots.

What were colonists that supported independence called?


Colonists who supported independence were called?


How long after the Revolutionary War was the Declaration of Independence signed?

I am afraid you are confused. The Declaration of Independence was signed BEFORE the war. It resulted in the war. That is why it is called the Declaration of Independence the colonists declared themselves free of England.

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