Was Hitler always angry

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Most biographers, for example Ian Kershaw, have no doubt that Hitler's fits of rage when speaking in public were all part of the act. In other words, they were put on deliberately in order to show that he was angry and he wouldn't tolerate any contradiction ... Abroad, Hitler's public outbursts of the shrieking ab-dabs contributed to the view of Nazi Germany as a madhouse. (There are brilliant take-offs in the movie The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin. The film was released in September 1940). Even in Nazi Germany some people made jokes about Hitler chewing the carpet though it could get one into serious trouble. As for fits of rage in private, who knows?

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Adolf Hitler was a sociopath whose only path to significance was to attach himself to some great problem. In the event, the problem to which he attached himself was the enigma of The Great War, which demonstrated that individuals were indeed insignificant and that significance and import were assigned by chance (and machineguns) at random.

If you understand this answer, you get an "A" in "Human Condition 101." ___ Rage in public was one of his hallmarks. It made many people feel that he was expressing their frustations.

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Q: Was Hitler always angry
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