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they were aloud to take mcdonalds

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2009-09-10 16:16:36
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Q: Were evacuees aloud to bring food with them?
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Where evacuees aloud teddies?

Evacuees in WW2 were allowed teddies. Many pictures of evacuees boarding the trains have children with teddies.

How much food was the evacuees aloud for the whole month?

Oh Dear Please Help Mee ... :D lushhh :P

What did evacuees bring with them?

Evacuees were not able to take much with them unfortunately. They were all given gasmasks and food for the trip, and were able to take a small suitcase of clothes with them, a family photo and a small favorite toy.

What did evacuees bring in their boxes?

Their gas mask and personal belongings.

What did the evacuees have to bring with them in World war 2?

Children in ww2 were allowed to bring this when being evacuatedclothes, a toy, toiletries, a family picture and a pair of shoesmost people sent their children without food as their was already food on the trains and where they were heading for in the countryside.

What food did they take in their lunchboxes in world war 2 evacuees?


What extra thing did the evacuees take?

some food

Why do evacuee have sugar in there suitcase?

The evacuees brought their own sugar purchased with their ration cards. They were not going to leave it behind since it was a precious commodity. They had to bring their ration cards too. Unfortunately some unscrupulous people stole food and ration cards from the evacuees.

Should people be aloud to bring phones in schools?

Yes, they should be aloud to have cell phones in schools.

Are you aloud to bring posters to the maverik center?

my answer in yes.

Where did the evacuees come from?

where did the first ever evacuees come from where did the first ever evacuees come from

What did evacuees have to take with them?

food,gasmasks,suitcases,labels, and another pair shoes

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