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Yes. There were machine guns in WW1. There were Gatlin Guns, a type of machine gun, in the Civil War.

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Q: Were there machine guns in world war 1?
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What guns changed from world war 1 to world war 2?

the machine guns

When were machine guns introduced in world war 1?

Machine guns were in use BEFORE WW 1. They were around for the entire war.

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What country introduced machine guns into World War 1?

Most of the parties involved already had machine guns in their inventory prior to the outbreak of the First World War.

Which countries in World War 1 used the machine guns?

They all did.

Was Germany the first to use machine guns in World War 1?

All of the major players in WWI possessed machine guns before the outbreak of the war.

In World War 1 did soldiers have to be trained to used machine guns?


Which weapons were the most sucsessful in World War 1?

Tanks and machine guns.

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