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Q: What are the battles on the pacific front?
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Where did japan fight with America in?

WW2 in the Pacific in battles for Pacific islands.

How many war front were in World War 2?

Depends on how you define 'front.' The Germans had an Eastern Front for the war with Russia, and the Western Front for the war with the Allies in Europe. And there were the fronts in Africa, and later a Southern Front when the Allies invaded Italy. The Americans fought in two primary theaters, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Why did the US fight in Europe instead of against Japan in 1942?

Actually it was a two front war so there was fighting in the Pacific. It just isn't as popular to study as the European theater. If you want to see the Pacific war watch the series Victory at Sea and it documents the battles in the Pacific.

How many battles were there in the pacific war?

47 in total

What 7 letter word is the Battle site in the Pacific?

Iwo Jima? There were alot of battles in the pacific

How did the pacific theater battles end and how did the European theater battles end?

the enemy in both theaters lost...........................

Which was a characteristic of the war in the Pacific?

Island hoppingLong, bloody battles.

Which of these battles was not related to Japanese aggression in the Pacific region?


When was Pacific Front Recordings created?

Pacific Front Recordings was created in 2004.

When did Pacific Front Recordings end?

Pacific Front Recordings ended in 2009.

What is one Allied victory during the island hopping battles of the Pacific Ocean?

One Allied victory during the Island Hopping battles of the Pacific Ocean was gaining control of the Solomon Islands.

Where were the most battles of World War 2 fought?

Europe and the Pacific