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Bacon, eggs, toast, cereal, oatmeal, juice, coffee

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Q: What did people in world war 2 eat for breakfast d war 2 eat for breakfast?
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What did people in World War 2 eat for breakfast dinner and tea?

oatmeal, ham and pea soup and beef casserole

What did they eat for breakfast in world war 2?

curry and indian rice

What would a nurse in World War 2 eat for breakfast?

eggs,bacon, toast, oj, coffee

What was the Breakfast truce?

In World War 1, there was an unofficial "truce" between the two sides on the western front, to let each other eat their breakfast in peace. This led to the Christmas Truce of 1914.

What did people from World War 2 eat?


How did World War 2 help people get back to work?

to get people to eat

What kind of breakfast would people in America have during World war 2?

oatmeal, crackers, tea, or maybe water

What the World War 1 soldiers ate for breakfast?

World War 1 soldiers ate what is called "SOS" for breakfast. This is also known as "stuff on a shingle", which is a roux with toast and a protein.

What did people eat in the world war 2 on Christmas day?


Did people in world war 2 eat cheese?

Na then they through it in the dumpster.

What did people from World War 2 eat for lunch?

Ham & pea soup

What food are you given to eat in World War I for breakfast?

my great grandfather was in world war 1, and in the military bases you would be served either eggs and bacon, or toast with homefries. I have heard it wasn't the best food, but it sure tasted great to the soldiers.