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use their majority in Congress to pass a law/Constitutional amendment ending slavery

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Q: What did the south feared the antislavery states would do?
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Southern slave owners feared the increased influence of the antislavery movement because?

the loss of slavery would threaten the economic survival of the South.

Why did people in the south want to annex to the United States?

they feared Texas would join britian and declare an end to slavery

Why was it important to have a equal number of slave states and free states?

Because the South feared being permanentlyoutvoted in Congress, which would thenpass laws that favoured the North.

Why did people in the south wanted to annex Texas to the unites states?

they feared Texas would join britian and declare an end to slavery

why did people in the south want annex texas to the united states?

they feared Texas would join britian and declare an end to slavery

The South feared the north would do what?

Completely Destroy Them then especially the African Americans feared that slavery would still continue

The united states refused to support popular elections in vietnam in 1956 because they?

Feared that Vietnam would vote for a Communist government.

what did the states that left the union have in common?

They were southern slave holding states run by an aristocratic minority of large plantation owners who feared that the northern states were gaining a majority in Congress and would force Abolition down the throats of the South. They feared that Abolition would destroy their lifestyle and threaten the South's economy. They did not believe that the plantation paradigm could survive using a fairly paid labor force. They couched their arguments in terms of Property and States Rights, but the Property that the States Rights protected was the slave.

Who feared a loss of political influence because of the war of 1812?

The New Englanders. Because they feared that the U.S. would win land in Florida and Canada and if new states were carved out of these lands, the South and the West would become more influential than New England.

What effects did Lincoln's call for volunteers have on the south?

The South were ferocious. They did not want slavery to end and feared that Abraham Lincoln would end slavery. That is why the Confederate States of America was formed.

Why were the 13states feared any kind of national what?

The 13 states feared a national government that would control the states. The states wanted the government to have limited power, and to have checks and balances.

Why did President Kennedy support the government of Ngo Dinh Diem?

Kennedy feared that Communists would take over South Vietnam.