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They called the Confederate soldiers the Rebels or "Rebs"

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Q: What did the union soldiers call the gray uniformed Confederate soldiers?
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What did the confederate soldiers call the blue uniformed union soldiers?

The Yankees

What did the Confederate call the union?

The Confederates had numerous nicknames for the Union soldiers but the most popular ones were Yankee (often shortened to Yank) or Billy Yank. (The north in turn called them Johnny Reb.)

What did Lincoln call 75000 soldiers to save?

its the union

What did southerner call northerners who went to fight the south?

The union and the south was confederate states

What are the union and confederate name for siege of Vicksburg?

I believe both sides call it the Siege of Vicksburg.

What was the union army's strategie goal in the summer of 1861?

To call Android attack on Richmond, the Confederate capitol

Was john brown union or confederate?

Since he was a radical abolishionist you certainly would not call him confederate. But he was executed before the war even began so he didn't have a chance to join either side.

What did they call the people from the state of Georgia before they were brought back to the Union?

GA was a confederate state so they would have been called "confederates."

What did the seceding states call the government they formed?

When the southern US States seceded from the United States of America in 1860, the government they formed was called the Confederate States of America

Why did Lincoln call for 75000 volunteers during the civil war?

The Union needed soldiers to prosecute the war against the rebellious states.

How did the union and confederate armies build up their troops?

Initially war fever and patriotic call for action. Then they drafted people and immigrants and gave potential soldiers with money the right to pay bounties to others to serve in their place. Both sides talked about enlisting and arming Blacks (i.e., slaves in the south) but only Lincoln had the political support to actually promote the use of Black Soldiers which gave the Union a great advantage in military growth, just as the ability of the South to raise new armies was falling apart. At this point the Union won

What did the north call themselves in the civil war?

The Northern states called themselves the Union and the Southern states named themselves the Confederacy (The Confederate States of America).