What does SS guard mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SS - Schutzstaffel

Schutzstaffel - Protection Squad (literal translation) The SS ran the concentration camps. Please see the related question for more information on the SS.

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Q: What does SS guard mean?
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Name of the SS guard in Schindler's List?


In the German Army what was the Wachtruppe?

It was an SS guard division.

What does SS mean in SS Maheno?

The 'SS' in 'SS Maheno' stands for 'Steamship'.

What happens if you hit an SS guard?

You were immeditely shot or hanged later but you mostly be shot or tortured by working outside all day. No breaks. If you was having a break when an SS guard sees you... You be killed for slacking off.

What actors and actresses appeared in Auschwitz - 2011?

The cast of Auschwitz - 2011 includes: Arved Birnbaum as SS-Commander Uwe Boll as SS Guard Nik Goldman as Prisoner Harold Levy as Dentist Prisoner Steffen Mennekes as SS-Guard Alexis Wawerka as Oven Prisoner

What does ss mean refering ss Great Britain?

The SS in 'SS Great Britain' stands for 'Steamship'.

What is an SS trooper in world war 2?

A protective guard for Hitler. Stands for "Schutzstaffel".

What did ss mean in world war II?

SS = Schutzstaffel .

What does SS mean in boats?

SS - Steamship

What is the name of adolf hitlers personal guard?

The 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler .

What was the name of Hitler's special forces?

Hitler's personal guard regiment was the Waffen SS. Which was an elite subdivision of the German SS forces.

What were the initials for the elite uniformed guard of Hitler's army?

That was the SS. Please see related question.