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The writing on the Iraqi flag means 'God is great'(Allahu Akbar) in Arabic.

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Q: What does the Arabic writing on the Iraq flag mean?
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What does the writing on the Iraq national flag mean?

Pronounced in Arabic it means "alahoo akbar" , translated meaning literally means "god is greater" or "god is great" .

What do the Arabic words on the Egyptian flag mean in English?

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What does the writing mean on the Brazil flag?

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"majnun": crazy or madArabic writing: مجنون

What does a white flag with red shark and writing mean?

The is a great white shark in the water.

What does the writing on the olympic flag mean?

Citius , Altius, Fortius - means Faster, Higher, Stronger.

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What does the color of Iraq flag mean?

The white stands for peace and honesty, the red stands for hardiness, bravery, streangth and valor,and the black stands for determination. The writing means ALLAHU AKBAR (god is great). The stars stand for the three tennents of the Ba'ath motto, which in English are Unity, Freedom, ad Socialism.

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