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Q: What does the white flag mean in war?
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What does it mean to raise the white flag?

what does it mean when it is said to be the first one the wave the white flag ? It means to surrender or indicates you wish to talk or parley with the opposite side in a battle

What does the colors on the Uruguay flag mean?

the blue stands for peace and the white stands for war.

What do the colors of qatar's flag mean?

White for peace and maroon for bloodshed during war.

What does the colors on the Korean flag mean?

it means that blue is war red is peace and white is love

What do the colours on the Egyptian flag mean?

red is blood fought in the war white is the clouds AND BLACK THE FIRES THAT THE HAD

What does the white on the us flag mean?

The white on the USA flag means independence

What does white flag mean?

The white flag is traditionally considered a signal of surrender.

What does the white on the America flag mean?

The white on the American flag means peace.

What was the white flag used for in World War 1?

a white flag symbolizes that one side is surrendering.

What does a white flag in a war signify?


What does the white mean in Japan's flag?

The white background of the Japan flag is representative of honesty and purity.

What does the colors the on American flag mean?

Red= The armymens blood from the war, White= Courage from the armymen and Blue= Justice from the armymen because they won the war!!