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Well..Nothing actually happened to fantage Japan..All that happened is when someone who is not in japan enters it..It wont work.This is mainly because too many americans entered it when they werent supposed to..So they blocked it for People outside Japan.

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Q: What happened to Fantage Japan?
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Can you have a link to Fantage Japan?

You can before but now Fantage Japan blocked it :(

What is Fantage Japan?

Its Like Fantage But Its Not In English And Has No Membership

When did Fantage happen?

Fantage happened in 2008.

What is the NEW link for Fantage japan?

There's no new link for Fantage Japan because they shut it down because of the earthquake from March 2011.

How do you go to fantage Japan?

I think u need to be IN japan o.o

How do you register on Fantage Japan?

Its not available anymore

How do you get on Fantage Japan?

Fantage Japan was originally made for kids in Japan but then we, american kids, started playing on it. Unfortunately, some of us werent just playing it. People were hacking it because you could buy anything you wanted on it without a membership. Fantage & Nexon made it so only people in Japan can play it. I think Fantage Japan got cancelled sometime during the end of 2011. Thanks for reading! ~ Kristy (:

How do you get to fantage Japan?

you cant unless you are IN Japan, sorry, but you can play in dutch and german i believe by going on fantage and on the top right it says languages and u pick there. :)

Is there a new fantage?

Yeah there is new fantages like Fantage Japan, Europe, Paris, Mexico and America!!

What is Fantage Japan lke?

Fantage Japan Is AWESOME. You don't have to be a member everyone is nice. Everyone is hot XD OMG i wish i could go there. But it's closed down

How do you join Fantage japan?

the only way you can go on Japanese fantage is that you need to be at japan to play japanses fantage its cool because there is no member so you can get thinks for free but like i mean you need to pay but there not for member don't pay real money this is they reall answer

Can fantage japan open up again?

yes but if you are in somewhere thats not in japan then you have to wait till japan is fixed then they will open the website again :D