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Q: What is carbonic acid used for in the civil war?
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What types of medicine were available in the Civil War?

Morphine, an opium based drug, was most commonly used as a pain killer.Chloroform(an anesthetic) was used in 76.2% of all cases using anesthetics.Ether(an anesthetic) was used in 14.7% of all cases using anesthetics.Here is a list of the most commonly used antiseptics and disinfectants:-carbonic acid-potassium iodide-potassium permanganate-liquid iodine-bromine-turpentine-powdered charcoal-nitric acid-nitrate of silver-sulphuric acid-hydrochloric acid-corrosive sublimate-creosote-alcohol

What anesthesia was used in the Civil War?

Chloroform was used to as an anesthesia during the Civil War.

Why were drums used in the American Civil War?

Drums were used in the American Civil war, to show that the war had begun.

Did the Civil War have biplanes?

there were no planes at all used in the civil war :)

What side of the Civil War used cannons?

Both sides in the US civil War used cannons.

What kinds of airplanes were used during the civil war?

There were no airplanes back in the Civil War

Were submarines used during the US Civil War?

Yes, submarines were used by the Confederate Navy in the US Civil War.

Where there howitzer in the Civil War?

howitzer artillery peices were not used in the civil war they actually started production in 1963 so no they werent in the civil war

What are Civil War canteens used for?

It's where you go to buy civil war snacks and sodapops.

Was Henry Ford in the Civil War?

No "The Henry Ford" was used during the Civil War. Dur.

What were the secret codes used for in the civil war?

There were many codes used in the civil war, but the most common one was the quilt code.

Were pigeons used in the civil war?