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It is when the persecutions are carried out in a methodical manner, not just a few isolated incidents.

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Q: What is systematic persecution?
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What is persecuting?

Persecution- The mistreatment or punishment of certain people because oftheir actions.Persecution means systematic harassment and oppression.

What does storms of persecution refer to?

Storms of persecution refer to intense and widespread persecution or harassment faced by a particular group or individual due to their beliefs, ethnicity, or social status. It often involves systematic discrimination, violence, or oppression aimed at suppressing or punishing those who hold dissenting views.

How would one define the word persecution?

Systematic mistreatment of a group or individual.

Define the terms anti-semitism and persecution?

Anti-Semitism is prejudice or hostility towards jewsPersecution is systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group.

What does persecution means?

to persecute - to harass systematically or ill-treat habitually over a period of time (often on grounds of race, religion, ideology, lifestyle); used especially for systematic ill treatment by governments and other official bodies.persecute: afflict, maltreat, oppress, tyrannize

If the persecution of the Jews and others didn't start at the concentration camps how did it start?

The persecution (systematic harassment by the government) of the Jews in Nazi Germany very soon after the Nazis came to power in 1933. Please see the related question for details. Moreover, if Jews were beaten up by Nazi stormtroopers the police did nothing to protect them.

What was a major contributor to the holocaust?

Apathy. People not willing to say that the government was wrong. No foreign government denounced the anti-Jewish measures and there was no popular uprising against the Nazi's systematic persecution of the Jews, any resistance was small and was quashed.

What do you understand by the word Persucution?

Persecution refers to the mistreatment, discrimination, or harassment of individuals or groups based on their beliefs, race, religion, or other characteristics. It often involves targeted and systematic oppression that can lead to physical, emotional, or social harm.

How is language systematic?

by talking that language it will be systematic!

Systematic in a sentence?

the computer works systematic

What part of speech is systematic?

"Systematic" is an adjective.

What is superlative form of systematic?

most systematic