What is the jaw thrust?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is the jaw thrust?
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Which airway technique will prevent movement of the head spinal cord and neck.?

Jaw-Thrust Technique

What is the difference between a jaw thrust and a modified jaw thrust?

In the Jaw Thrust maneuver, the head is tilted back in order to facilitate opening the airway. The Modified Jaw Thrust is similar except there is no tilting of the head back. The rescuer/clinician should attempt to anteriorly position the lower jaw without moving the rest of the head. One should use the Modified Jaw Thrust in cases where a cervical spine injury is suspected.

You've decided to perform the jaw-thrust?

Use the jaw thrust technique on a person with a suspected neck or back injury.

How do you do the jaw thrust maneuver?

its simple

Which airway-management technique minimized the movement of the head?


Which airway-management technique minimizes the movement of the head neck and spinal cord to prevent further injuries?

Jaw-thrust technique

The preferred method to open the airway with a neck injury is the?

Head tilt Chin Lift Maneuver Unless you suspect a Head Neck Injury then do Jaw Thrust Maneuver.

Which airway-management technique minimizes movement of the head?


How do you stabelize the casualtys head when performing the jaw thrust technique?

with your forearm

While performing a jaw-thrust technique you remind yourself to do what?

Not to drool on the patient.

How should you stabilize the casualty's head when performing the jaw-thrust technique?

Use the forearms

How do you stabilize the casualty's head when using the jaw-thrust technique?

By placing a forearm by the head