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What kind of war tactics did who use?

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Q: What kind of war tactics did he use?
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What tactics did Roundheads use in the Civil War?

the roundheads didnt have any tactics at alll

What war tactics did the USA use in the vietnamese war?

Search and Destroy.

What did the ancient Romans use in war?

Teamwork tactics

What kind of tactics did Vietnam use in the war against the Americans?

During the Vietnam War, the US strategy was "Attritition". This involved the tactics of "Search and Destroy", which was accompanied by the procedure of "counting enemy bodies", which resulted in the term, "body count".

What tactics where used on Philippines in war 2?

That was Japanese occupied territory, therefore they had use what all occupied countries had to use, guerrilla tactics. When you don't have an army to fight with, you use guerrilla tactics.

What tactics did the American soldiers use in the Vietnam war?

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Which tactics did Great Britain use in its war with France in the early 1800s?


Is it ethical to use torture tactics in war?

No. Torture is never ethical, regardless of the reason.

American tactics in the Vietnam War?

what were the american tactics in the vietnam war

Why do you use tactics?

Why do I use tactics? Well, because tactics are better than brute force.

What do the public affairs use to assist in clearing the fog of war and improve on the Soldiers?

tactics, techniques and procedures

What do the public affairs use to assist in clearing the of war and improve on the Soldiers Morale?

tactics, techniques and procedures