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Q: What nation lost territory as a result of ww1?
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Which nation lost the most territory in settlements following ww1?

Austria- Hungary

What was a direct result of ww1?

Germany lost it colonies in Africa and Asia.

Another one of the newly formed countries that became an independent nation as a result of ww1?


What territory did Russia lose in ww1?

The Soviet Union lost Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania after World War I.

Which nation greatly regretted its loss of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany in 1870?

France lost Alsace and Lorraine just before ww1 and this could have been one cause of ww1! xx lots of love xx .......!!

Why was it so easy for Nazi Germany to acquire territory in the 1930s?

Before Germany invaded Poland in 1939 It only acquired what was taken from it as a result of loosing WW1. The victors WW1 did not find it to their advantage at the time to get involved in another war to hold on to these territory's. as they were still stugling with the aftermath of the great depression.

What were the newly formed countries that became an independent nation as a result of ww1?

Lithuania, latvia, estonia, finland, yugoslavia, czechloslovakia. several more but these are the main ones.

Was Russia the first communist government?

Effectively the revolution ends Russias' involvement as a beligerant in WW1. Therefore Russia, indirectly, becomes communist because of WW1, but Communist Russia was not part of it, surrendering a massive amount of territory as a result of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

What nation didnt change its foreign policy during ww1?


Which nation action caused the United States to fight in ww1?


What kind of uniforms were worn in ww1?

There was many kinds, depending on the nation.

When did Austria seprate from hungery?

After Austria lost WW1 in 1918