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Q: What things do you need to do when you join the war?
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How do you join 30 day challenge?

You don't need to join. You just need to make an album, and post pictures for 30 days about things that are important to you.

What documentation did you need to join up in World War 2?

Birth certificate

How can hi get to join the jdf?

am 18 an its my dream to join the army. what aer some of the things i need to have to join? an am stell in school its my last an am doing 5 c.x.c subjects

Do you need a code to play Neopets?

no No you don't you join free, but you need to be at least 13 for some things in the game

Did you need a social security number to join the military during World War 2?

no you dont.

Why to the Mexicans need people to join the Mexican army?

To fight the ongoing War on Drugs.

Why did Saint Patrick join the war?

St. Patrick did not join the war.

What age did you need to be to join the army in World War 2?

For most countries, it was 16 years old.

Who did Benjamin Franklin convince to join the war on the side of the colonists?

because he done so many things for continetal side

What are the things you need if you want to join the US Navy?

Identification, birth certificate and High School diploma.

When did you join World War 2?

You didn't join. Or you faught in the war, but U didn't.......

Why did the us decide not to join war in 1914?

did us join war in1914 yes or no