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The Korean War and the Vietnam War.

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Though never formally recognized as wars, the 2 primary major conflicts of the Cold War that served as proxy wars between West and East were the Korean and Vietnam wars.

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Q: What two wars occured during the cold war?
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What two major wars you involved in during the cold war era?

vietnam war and the cold war

How did the Cold War lead to armed conflict?

The two major players in the Cold War were the US and the Soviet Union. These two nations did not have battles or real wars during the Cold War years. Other conflicts among smaller communist nations, and a large one, China, were related to the Cold War. Wars in Korea and Vietnam can be considered wars with roots in the Cold War.

What were two smaller wars of the cold war?

Only two wars were fought during the cold war; Korea & Vietnam. Everything else was either an incident, accident, operation, rescue mission, covert, CIA, or it didn't happen situation.

Which event occured between the two world wars?

the great depression this is good ok.

What were two hot spot wars that led the US to become directly involved during the Cold War?

Germany Russia

What two wars led to the unification of Germany?

It was primarily the defeat of fascist Germany in both WWI and WWII, as well as an increasing threat of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

How was the cold wars different from other wars?

The two main opponents did not fight each other directly.

Was Poland nutral during the two world wars?


What two actions occured in great Britain in 1800s?

NPOLions fought some wars, then ate some loose beef that belong to his wifes crotch. And then lost, or something. . .

What is the similarties between The Korean War and The Vietnam War?

Both wars were part of the cold war; both were Southern free nations verses communist northern countries. In both wars, the USSR/Red China supported the Northern communist nations. Note: There were TWO Chinas during the cold: Communist China & Nationalist China.

Why was the parachute highly sought after during the two world wars?

For clothing

What were some battles of the cold war?

None, the cold war wasn't a war. However...Korea & Vietnam can be considered two "battles" of the cold war; since Korea/VN were "hot" (shooting & killing) wars during the cold war. The cold war was about communism vs free world. Korea/VN were both fought between communists and the free world.