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Spears, axes, bows, slings, swords.

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Q: What type of weapons were used in the Trojan War?
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What was the weapons used in the Trojan war?

horses,knifes and guns

What was the two choice weapons of the Greeks in the Trojan War?

Javelins (spears), swords, and their shields were sometimes used as weapons.

What were the weapons used in the Trojan war?

Mainly bow and arrows, also swords, spears and lances.

What are some of the weapons of the Trojan war?

Swords, spears, and bows would obviously have been used in that era.

How many weapons were used in the revolutionary war and what type of weapons were involeved?

seventy-two different weapons were involved in the revolutionary war.

What does Achilles symbolizes?

Achilles symbolizes weapons cause he is the warrior of the Trojan war !

Where can you read the Trojan war online?

go to then type: the real story of the Trojan war

What was the name of the horse that was used in the Trojan war?

The Trojan Horse

What type of weapons did Romania used in world war 2?

Generally weapons imported from Germany or of Czech origin.

What type of nuclear weapons did the US use in the Vietnam War?

The U.S used no nuclear weapons whatsoever on Vietnam.

What type of new weapons were used in world war 1?

GrenadesFlamethrowersTanksMachine gunsPoison gas

Were nuclear weapons used in the Korean war?

No nuclear weapons were used in the korean war