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to kill slaves

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Q: What was Mirabeau B Lamar foreign policy?
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How did the B-29 superfortress help world war 2?

The Boeing B-29 Super Fortress gave the US , and it's allies , a long range strategic bomber with a range of 3,250 miles capable of delivering atomic weapons . The 'Cold War' strategy revolved around this bomber which eventually evolved into the SAC (Strategic Air Command) which was responsible for maintaining an air force capable of delivering nuclear bombs to the point of contact .The foreign ministries of other countries were forced to adapt their own foreign policies until they too had an equal capacity for retaliation ie Soviet Russia .The eventual outcome was a MAD policy where each were Mutually Assured Destruction .

What was the driving force of expansion in the american south?

1. foreign policy. Except for a brief interlude with Manifest Destiny in the 1840's, the country had been in a state of isolationism from the inception of independent government. Near the turn of the century, this policy changed to one of competitive interest in and foreign exchange with other countries. Industrial and mercantile expansion required new markets; the editorials and stories of the so-called "yellow press" sparked the interest of the people; religious missionaries spread their message to groups which expanded as rapidly as did modes of travel; as well as the acceptance (if somewhat altered) of the theory of Darwinism by the wealthy backers of government officials. Another cause of this policy shift was the mass colonization effort by the English, Germans, and Russia, and the American need for a superior navy. American factories and mills were producing far more than this country could consume, and foreign markets for export were desperately needed to sell off the excess.

What did president harding's administration do to influence the American economy after world war i?

Help American industries grow.

How does the event described in this headline demonstrate the American policy of containment in the early years of the Cold War?

Answer this question… By refusing to back down to Soviet aggression

What does the B in B-17 mean?

The B in B-17 probably means Bomber since that was what it was. Same for the B-24, 25, 26, and 29 There is another question on this site that list the prefixes for all WW2 aircaft. B = bomber P = pursuit F = fighter O = observation etc