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Q: What was President Truman's justification for requesting financial assistance for Turkey and Greece?
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What country did the US send money to during the cold war?

South Korea and South Vietnam received financial assistance.

How Can debt consolidation programs help to military people?

The advantages of obtaining this specialized type of assistance of military debt consolidation loan for military manpower can enable you freedom to begin one New Year's Day of financial spirit of responsibility and noise in all the report/ratio of financial businesses which you can take.-

French President Charles de Gaulle attempted to return to France to the status of a world power by?

French President Charles DE Gaulle attempted to return France to the status of a world power by: A. investing B. entering a new series of alliances with African countries. C investing heavily in nuclear weapons. D. petitioning for financial aid from the United Nations. relief fund -.......Your answer should be C.

Who was the American banker and statesman who worked out a plan to strengthen Germany's economy after World War I?

I think it's Charles G. Dawes...He arranged a financial structure plan for Germany that included American investors loaning Germany capital and investing in their industry. And he was the thirtieth Vice President of the U.S.

The key battle that led to France agreeing to an alliance with and providing crucial financial and military aid to the Americans was fought at?

Saratoga helped persuaded the French that the American victory was possible. In 1778 American diplomats led by Benjamin Franklin concluded a Treaty of Amity and commerce in which France recognized the US and agreed to supply military assistance. (Give Me Liberty Volume One, Eric Foner, Third Edition, An American History)

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