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Russia agreed to defend Serbia against Austrian aggression because Russia saw itself as the guardian of all Slavs.

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2006-03-29 12:24:04
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Q: What was Russia fighting for in World War 1?
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Why did Russia stop fighting in World War 1 after 1917?


What year did Russia stop fighting in World War 1?


Why did Russia want out of World War 1?

Russia was defeated by about early 1917 and was not able to carry on fighting.

Why did Russia stop fighting in world war 1?

Russia stopped in 1917 because of internal problems. This eventully became a holiday in russia.

What happend as a result of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

Russia got out of the fighting in World War 1.

Who was fighting with England in World War 1?

France, Belgium, and Russia(for 1 year or so) Later the USA.

Russia what was the total involvement in World War 1?

Russia participated in the war fighting against Germany until 1917-1918 when the Russian Revolution started

Did russia work to gain neutrality in World War 1?

No. Russia joined the war. However, the did try to get out of the fighting after three years due to the high casualities and lack of money for the Russia populace.

Russia's greatest military asset in World War 1?

they had more people fighting so they had a better advantge

When Russia withdrew from World War 1 who did Germany turn their attention to?

The French and English fighting on the Western Front.

Why did Russia lose in World War 1?

Russia backed out of the war before it ended because they were having their Revolution at that time. They had their own country to attend to, which was more important to them than fighting in the war.

What did Russia leaving world war 1 do for Germany?

It helped Germany by allowing it to transfer its troops to the western front because Russia stopped fighting

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