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Hitler wanted to purify the German race and create a master race free of mutations and things that he believed would set the human race back.

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Racial purity

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Q: What was one of hitlers goals for the German race?
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Who were noncombatants of World War II?

Non-combatants were basically civilians. "Basically" meaning if they weren't armed.

When did the German British naval race begin?

The naval race began in 1906 and lasted until 1914 and created great friction between Britain and Germany it was one of the major causes of wwi! :)

What was hitlers Master race theory?

Hitler's master race was white people only , Aryan. Hence why it's always called ''white power'' ''white supremacy'',believe when people say he only wanted blonde hair/blue eyes and white skin. no blacks he was one racist man...

Why didn't hitlers soldiers rebel against him?

Hitler used a powerful weapon called propaganda on not only the German soldiers but all of Germany. Hitler promised Germany that they would rule the world for thousands of years to come if they could defeat the allied campaign in the western and eastern fronts. So when the tied of the war turned in both fronts, the Normandy Landing in the West and the recaptureing of Stalingrad in the East many German generals figured out they couldn't win the war. There were many assassination attempts on Hitler by German officers and other high profile men. One of which nearly took the life of Hitler. So the name of your question should be why didnt ALL of hitlers soldiers rebel against him because some German soldiers did.

Did Hitler want to create one master race?

an 8th grade answerthe aryann/master race is a thing that Hitler wanted to keep all races separate especially the Jewish people. and he would kill them if they were any other race besides his own.they also need to have blonde hair and blue eyes and must have German blood

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One of Hitler's goals was to the German race.?

purify - a+

Did the Aryans exist?

Well, in Hitlers eyes, anyone who was blond haired and blue eyed were Aryans so yes, in Hitlers eyes, they did exist. However no one is perfect especially not one 'race.' Hope this helps. :-P

What was Hitlers motto?

EIN VOLK! EIN REICH! EIN FUHRER! (One race, one nation, one leader)

Did Hitlers Aryan race have anything to do with the persianswho called themselves the Aryans?

Yes and no. Hitler's "Aryans" are a myth. There is no Aryan race, and there never was one. The word aryan is an old-fashioned linguistic designation referring to the speakers of the Indo-European family of languages, which includes German and English, Persian and Hindi. The name "Iran" is a Persian form of Aryan.

What describes the political goal of the space race?

National pride best describes the political goals of the space race. Each country wanted to be first to prove that they were better.

What was Hitlers special police force?

The SS were his special police force but needed certain qualities to become one one was 6 ft tall and purebred German.

What did Albert Speer achieve for the Nazi regime?

Albert Speer was Hitlers architect and German minister for Armaments from 1942 to 1945. Albert Apeer was one of Hitlers favourite people and both enjoyed eachothers company greatly as they both had architecture in common. Albert Speer joined the NAZI party in 1931 and 1934 Speer became Hitlers personal architect.

One of the United Nations major goals is to promote respect for human rights regardless of plus?

religion, gender, and race. all of the answers are correct

What happened to nazism after hitlers death?

It was transformed from what was accentually a German racial ideal, to a modern day "white race" bringing in more of the white cultures under the one flag so to speak. Some call this idea Neo Nazism as it has very similar ideals but on a much larger scale. So in a nut shell people who conceder themselves to be fighting for the white race generally embrace Nazi ideology as a kind of blueprint for what can be done to elevate their race to a higher level of living, giving nazism a rebirth.

Who were noncombatants of World War II?

Non-combatants were basically civilians. "Basically" meaning if they weren't armed.

What was Adolf Hitlers policies and goals?

Hitler's goal was to expand Germany's living space, or lebensraum, which he planned to achieve by invading and taking over other countries. He also had the goal of removing all undesirables from German territories, the foremost of which was the Jewish people, and he planned to achieve this goal by murdering all people he deemed to be inferior to the German people.

When you watched a History Channel program on Hitler you discovered they accused Hitlers family some whom came to America of being crazy you have some German DNA and you don't want persecution?

There is nothing called German DNA. The ppl in the USA all immigrated from somewhere and many have German descent. No one is being persecuted for that.