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a United States Senate committee chaired by the Senator Gerald Nye.

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Q: What was the Nye committee during the cold war?
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What reinforced isolationist sentiments against U.S involvement in World War 2?

The sinking of American convoy ships in the Atlantic.

What group nation did the nye committee blame for us involment in World War 1?

The Nye Committee blamed arms-makers for encouraging the war to increase their own sales. They also blamed Woodrow Wilson.

What reinforced isolationist sentiments against US involvement in world war?

the finding of the Nye Committee

What led to the US' involvement in World War 1 according to Nye Committee?

Financial motives

According to the Nye Committee what would prevent the US from entering another war?

A mandatory arms embargo

What was the Nye committee position on entry into World War 2?

they were opposed to entering WW2, favoring neutrality

Nye committee hearings?

The Nye Committee hearings were held to determine if the allegations that the real cause for the United States entering World War I was purely for profit were true. The hearings turned up evidence that Woodrow Wilson may have been swayed by banks and munitions manufactures to go to war for the sake of profit.

Describe the assumptions and conclusions of the Nye investigations?

The Senate Nye Investigation Committee insisted that the US had been maneuvered into WW I by "merchants of death," industries that benefited from the war because it meant profits from the sale of their products to the government. The DuPont Corporation was one such business singled out by Senator Nye. He claimed the corporations considered profit over the death of American servicemen. The conclusion by the Nye Committee was popularized at the time by the book, The Road to War, by Walter Millis, published in 1935.

What were the findings of the Nye committee?

Senator Gerald Nye held hearings to look into why the US got involved in WWI in the mid 1930s. His committee came to the conclusions that sales of weapons and loans by American businesses and banks led to these industries pushing the US into war. Accordingly, Nye's committee's findings were used to justify isolationism and trade bans/Neutrality Acts in the mid 1930s, keeping the US out of WWII for a longer amount of time than they likely would have without these acts.

The Church Committee revealed that since the beginning of the Cold War?


The Nye committee report created the impression the America's entry into world war 1 was influenced by?

Germany's need for money!(:

Kennedy was president during what war?

He was president during the cold war and vietnam.