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The Munich Agreement signed on 29 September 1938

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Q: What was the agreement between Germany and Great Britain that gave Hitler control of Sudetenland?
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What was the Munich agreement and when was it signed?

Neville Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Eduoard Daladier signed the Munich Agreement. Chamberlain was prime minister of the UK, Daladier of France, and Mussolini of Italy, which was Germany's Axis ally.

What was signed to prevent war after the invasion of Sudetenland?

The question is unclear. It could be asking about the Munich Agreement which sealed the fate of Czechoslovakia without war, or it could be referring to the "Peace in Our Time" treaty between Great Britain and Germany which was supposed to prevent the invasion of Poland, but it did not.

What year did Hitler take Sudan land?

Hitler never invaded Sudan. Sudan is a country in Africa, to the south of Egypt, it did see fighting in the second world war, but between Britain and Italy, not Germany. Hitler did annex the Sudetenland, which was the northern, western, and south western part of Czechoslovakia. Its population had an ethnic German majority, and Hitler claimed that as the people living there were Germans it should be part of Germany. Pressure from Hitler lead to the infamous Munich Agreement. An international conference was called in Munich, Germany, to discuss the future of the Sudetenland. It was attended by Germany, UK, France, and Italy, but not Czechoslovakia. At the meeting it was agreed that Hitler should be given The sudetenland in exchange for an assurance that he would make no other territorial claims in Europe. Germany took over then Sudetenland on the 30th of September 1938. Brirish primeminister Neville Chamberlain hailed it as bringing peace in our time.

How did Hitler get the sudetenland?

he declared interest in it and the Italian dictator Mussolini proposed a conference with Germany Britain France and Italy called the munich conference. here Britain and France agreed that the Germans could have the sudetan part of Czechoslovakia.

Where was Rhineland and Sudetenland border?

The border between Rhineland and Sudetenland was around the area in western Czechoslovakia that bordered Germany, particularly along the Sudeten Mountains. This territory was a major point of contention leading up to World War II, with Germany seeking to annex the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.

What month and day did Germany occupy the Sudatenland?

According to Wikipedia: "The Sudetenland was occupied by Germany between October 1 and October 10, 1938." When searching Wikipedia, be sure to use the "Sudetenland" spelling and not "Sudatenland", as the latter while yield you nothing. Here's the link to the information above:

where was the Sudetenland given away at the?

Munich conference of 1938, between Neville Chamberlain of the UK and Adolph Hitler of Germany

The Sudetenland was given away at the?

Munich conference of 1938, between Neville Chamberlain of the UK and Adolph Hitler of Germany

where was the Sudetenland was given away at the?

Munich conference of 1938, between Neville Chamberlain of the UK and Adolph Hitler of Germany

Where can agreement be of no avail?

One example of an agreement that was to be of no avail, was the non-aggression pact signed between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. World War II still happened between Britain, her allies, and Germany. Therefore, any agreement that is not kept by either party is to no avail, and was a waste of time.

Was there an agreement between America and Germany about being a democracy?


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