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Gloster Meteor

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Q: What was the first non-axis jet plane to see combat?
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Which country first used jet plane in combat of WW2?

Germany with the Me262 .

What is the first jet plane's name in the US?

The first jet plane's name in the US is Bell XP-59. Unfortunately they never went into combat. It was produced by General lectric company.

Who built the me262 fighter the first jet plane flown in combat?

The Me 262 was built by Messerschmitt A G.

What was the first non axis jet plane to see combat?

Gloucester Tornado, a British jet fighter plane developed in 1943-4 saw combat after D-Day in France.Jet engine designed by Sir Frank Whittle, first real jet engine after German V-1 ram jet. See reference to Whittle in "Answers". PCH=Gloster Meteor

When was first jet plane built?

the flight of the first jet airplane was in Germany

What was the First fighter jet used in combat?

Messerschmitt Me 262

Indian president prathibha patel set a record to be the oldest woman to fly in a combat jet in Nov 2009 could you name that war plane?

The war plane that Indian President Prathibha Patel set a record in to be the oldest woman to fly in a combat jet in Nov. 2009 was named a Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet aircraft.

Who made the first jet?

Henri Coandă, a Romanian Engineer, was the first to build a jet plane in 1910.

The image of fighting jet plane of US?

Look at any of the websites, all show images. The most famous would be the F4 Phantom, the last US jet ace aircraft of the 20th century. And the only combat jet (that saw extensive combat) that was flown by all US branches of service IN COMBAT. The USAF F100 Super Sabre jet is the longest serving "in direct combat" of any US aircraft (1961 to 1971).

When was the jet airliner invented?

In 1945 Japanese had secret bunkers where they were building a new type of war plane with the help of German scientists. very few were ever seen in combat since the war ended before they went into production. the first jet planes.

When was the first jet-to-jet battle?

The first jet-to-jet combat occurred on November 8, 1950 when a P-80 shot down a pair of Mig-15's over North Korea.

What is jet plane?

A jet plane is any aircraft powered by jet engines.