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eagal and jaguar

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Q: What were the different types of Aztec warriors?
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What did the Aztec warriors wear?

The jaguar warriors wore the skin of jaguars to intimidate their oponent.

Why were most Aztec men warriors?

Most Aztec men were warriors because the Aztecs believed it was their religious duty to fight. It was crucial to take captives for tribute, or sacrifice. If successful, warriors receive rank land or important office.

What did Aztec warriors wear?

Aztec warriors wore leopard print skins as suits.From The Gap? or Abercrombie and Fitch and did they get a discount?Oh dear!, come on Darling, everyone knows Aztecs shop at Versace. Where have you been?.

What was an important responsibility of warriors in Aztec culture?

to take prisoners from conquered lands

How could you tell if a man is a warrior?

The Jaguar and Eagle Aztec WarriorsThose Aztec warriors who demonstrated the most bravery and who fought well became either jaguar or eagle warriors. Of all of the Aztec warriors, they were the most feared. Both the jaguar and eagle Aztec warriors wore distinguishing helmets and uniforms. The jaguars were identifiable by the jaguar skins they wore over their entire body, with only their faces showing from within the jaguar head. The eagle Aztec warriors, on the other hand, wore feathered helmets including an open beak.Aztec Weapons and DressThe Aztec warriors carried a variety of weapons, including stabbing javelins, wooden spears, ob sidian knives, and clubs. In addition, they flung firestones at their enemies using slings made of wool. Most of the Aztec weapons were actually designed to stun and capture opponents rather than to kill them. In this way, opponents could be easily brought back to the temple for sacrifice. To protect themselves, Aztec warriors used round shields, which they fringed with feathers. The remainder of the costumes worn was dependent upon military ranking of the Aztec warrior.