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You might consider that there may not have been a WWII had the US stayed neutral in the first one- all parties involved in the first world war were exhausted and nearly at breaking point by the time the US joined.

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Q: What would have happened in World War 2 had the US stayed neutral during World War 1?
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Who was the fascist leader of Spain who stayed neutral during world war 2?


Is it true that the US stayed neutral during world war 1?

The US remained neutral until April 1917

What three countries remained neutral during World War 2?

Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland are some of the countries that stayed neutral during WW2

What country stayed officially neutral during World War 1 and World War 2?

Switzerland,Sweden and Spain

Why did the Us stay neutral in World War I?

The U.S. stayed neutral during the world war 1 because President Wilson thought that them being neutral could somehow end the war.

Which country in Europe stayed neutral during World War 1 and World War 2?

during ww2 Russia fought the axis power. However me being from Ireland I know that Ireland stayed neutral during ww2, unfortunately Ireland hadn't a choice during ww1 because Ireland was a colony of Great Britain.

What nations stayed neutral during World War 2?

Switzerland was one of them.switzeland was the only true nutral country

How long did the US stay neutral during World War 1?

U.S. stayed neutral for most of the war they only fought for one year and ended the war

What did the Irish do in World War 2?

Ireland stayed a neutral country.

When did Switzerland become neutral?

Switzerland became neutral at the beginning of world war 1. That was 1876, they Also stayed neutral through WW2In 1815, after the Napoleonic wars. During these wars Switzerland was occupied and fought over.

Who stayed neutral in World War 2?

Switzerland ,Spain ,Portugal, Sweden,

What was the reason United States stayed neutral at the start of World War 1?

The reason the United states stayed neutral is because President Wilson wanted to protect the U.S investments

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