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Q: When did Menendez sends forces to capture fort Caroline?
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Who sends the troops into battle?

The President.

What is some information that global hawk sends the military?


Why was general Douglas macauthur fired?

he disobeyed direct orders from Pres. Truman not to go more than ? miles from Chinese border. He did anyway and caused thousands of death of US soldier's. He pushed US troops into a massive Trap by the CCF (Chinese Communist forces) 12,000 solders lay dead because he blundered. NO GENERAL SENDS TROOPS INTO A POSITION WITH ! WAY They had only a 10' road (path) out. HE should have been court-martialed, not made a hero. I'M speaking for all my buddies that died there- I know because I was there!!

What were the dates of the Vietnam air war?

1955 when US Advisers arrive in Vietnam. 1961 when US Special Forces (Green Beret) arrive in Vietnam. 1965 when US Regulars arrive, and the air campaign against North Vietnam commences (Operation Rolling Thunder). The invasion (incursion) of Cambodia in 1970, under Nixon's orders. The invasion of Laos in 1971, under Nixon's orders. The "maximum effort" aerial bombing of North Vietnam in December 1972, dubbed the "Christmas Bombings", President Nixon's "Linebacker II", (He loved football).

How does Corporal Matsumura locate Yoko in So far from the Bamboo Grove?

Yoko writes an essay for the newspaper contest and wins, so it is put in the newspaper. Corporal Matsumura reads the essay, and recognizes Yoko's unique character for her name. He then sends her a letter and he comes to her school and meets up with her and Ko before returning to his wife.

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What are conflicts that the president sends forces without an express declaration of war called?

Undeclared wars

What does invasive mean?

An invasion is when one country sends its armed forces into another without agreement, and with hostile intentions towards that country.

What does invasiveness?

An invasion is when one country sends its armed forces into another without agreement, and with hostile intentions towards that country.

How do the trees create air?

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How did the early radio differ from the early telegraph?

The Telegraph Required Wires The Radio Did Not

What is the chronology of the Vietnam war?

Eisenhower sends US Advisers-1955 Kennedy sends US Special Forces (Green Berets)-1961 Johnson sends US Regulars-1965 Nixon B-52's North Vietnam/Hanoi/Haiphong Harbors/invades Laos & Cambodia-1970 thru 1972 Nixon pulls US out of the war by 1973 Ford pulls remaining US personnel out of Vietnam by 1975

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Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.

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The rapid change and rise and fall of air pressure sends certain signals to our brain so we can feel the adrenaline that usually comes with riding a roller coaster.

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"...the cook." "God sends the meat, but the Devil sends the cooks." God sends the Word. How well that Word is received and acted upon by humans, has the Devil contributing as much, or as little, as is necessary to corrupt.

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