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Short sleeves have been in use since before recorded history

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Q: When were short sleeves introduced?
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What are the diffrenet kinds of sleeves?

Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Sleevless (vest tops) Elbow Lengnth Sleeves, cuffed sleeves, tight sleeves, baggy sleeves has lost all meaning to me now.

Did Michael Jackson always wear long sleeves?

No he sometimes wore short sleeves.

Is 59 degrees short sleeve weather?

short sleeves and jeans

What new underwear product was introduced in the 1920s?

The early twenties witnessed the arrival of the one-piece union suit. The union suit featured an athletically tapered look and came with long or short sleeves.

What is a shirt a vest has no sleeves?

A shirt a vest has no sleeves is a tank top or a sleeveless shirt. It is a garment that covers the torso and typically has no sleeves, similar to a vest.

What is a paltock?

A paltock is a type of short doublet or tunic with sleeves.

What kinds of sleeves are available on women's clothes?

short and long DUMMY

What are the Types of sleeve?

The types of sleeves are: no sleeves,spaghetti strap (thin or thick), short sleeves,3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves.there is also bishop sleeve, lantern sleeve, shirred sleeve, bat-wing sleeve, saddle sleeve, french sleeve

What are the best accessories or jewelry for pink dress?

depends if it is strapless and spaghetti strap, silver but if it long sleeves and short sleeves nothing except maby hooped rearing!!

When were SMS introduced?

Short Message Service was introduced in 1985.

Why can't apostolics wear short sleeves?

They believe that is indecent exposure and call for modest clothing.

What is the clothing like in the Dominican Republic?

Since its very hot, people were short sleeves shirts and shorts.