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Normandy, France

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Q: Which coastline was the D-Day invasion directed?
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Why was dday important?

It was the beginning of the Allied invasion of Europe. It began with the landing at Normandy, France. The invasion saw the largest amphibious assault in history

What was dday and where?

D-Day was the Allied invasion of German occupied France, on the beaches of Normandy on 6 june,1944.

Were the Germans responsible for invasion of Normandy?

Yes, they did not anticipate where the invasion would take place, not enough land was covered by their troops. They also thought that Dday would be postponed due to weather.

Who directed the invasion of Poland in 1939?


Which prestident directed the D-Day invasion in world war 2?

Dwight D. Eisenhower directed the D-Day invasion in World War II

Who directed the d-day invasion in World War 2?

Gen Dwight Eisenhower directed it.

Who directed the Normandy invasion?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Allied invasion of Europe was primarily directed at?

Defeating the German war forces.

Where do you sign up for paintball d day?

For Skirmish Dday you have to call. I assume it is the same for Oklahoma and other big dday games also.

Who directed the land-sea-air d-day invasion?

Gen Eisenhower was in Supreme Command of this.

What towns were invaded on D-Day?

they did not invade towns,the allied invasion on D-Day was a 50 mile stretch of coastline in normandy.

What event is depicted in Saving Private Ryan?