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the allied forces

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Q: Who forced Germany to pay war damages and admit guilt in starting world war 1?
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What was the cause of World War 1 and world world 2?

The treaty of Versailles which ended world war one was very unfiar to Germany. Germany had to give up a lot of land, pay reperations, and Admit they started world war one (which they didn't). Things like this and the crash of the Germany econimy helped lead to the rise of Adolf Hitler with his speaches of hope on how he will restore greater Germany, the econimy and Germany's honnor.

Why was Germany punished so much after World War 1?

Most of the 'punishment' arose out of the war itself and the defeat. For example, the communications infrastructure largely collapsed. (This includes the phone network and postal service as well as road and rail transport). This made travel and the distribution of goods, including food, very difficult. Even 15 months after the end of the war the rail journey from Munich to Hamburg took about 72 hours! In most cities of any real size the roads in and around the centre were difficult to use as they were littered with rubble from bombing. Obviously, none of this was deliberate 'punishment', but the result of events. Germans living east of the rivers Oder and Neisse were forced to move westwards. There was a huge expulsion by Poland, Russia - and also by Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. In all, about 11.7 million Germans were expelled and at least one million perished in the process. Conditions were very bad indeed in many cases. The Soviet Union (and to some extent also Britain and France) received reparations. Germany itself was divided into four zones and run by the Allies. Apart from the expulsions, it's hard to say how much of this was 'punishment'. In the longer run, West Germany benefitted greatly from the Cold War - and to a much more limited extent that also applied in East Germany. Both German states became front-line states in the Cold War ... Joncey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Punishment 1. Admit gulit for starting the war. 2.Pay $30 million in damages to the Allies for their costs in the war. 3.The German army & Navy were to reduce in size and its air force was disbanded. 4.Germany coloines in Africa and Asia were taken. 5.Germany had to return land that was taken on the Franco-Prussian War back to France and lose land to the new nation of Poland. ~Justine

What did the German army generals refused to admit in the war?

Defeat! Trust me!

Who thinks Adolf Hitler was a great brilliant smart smart man?

Answer 1 Though I am not a Nazi by any means, and am glad that Hitler died and wished that he'd died sooner so that so many innocent people didn't have to die, I do have to admit that he was fairly intelligent. He knew that Germany was crippled after WWI, and he knew that was the perfect time to "aide" Germany. He also predicted what people would do in war. Keep in mind, I'm not saying that I like Hitler. I think he is pond slime that deserved to die for what he did. In fact, even death was too good for him.

Did Donald Rumsfeld ever admit that Flight 93 was shot down by fighter planes on 9 11?

yes, he did.

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Germany was forced to admit war guilt?


War-guilt clause?

Within the treaty, this was added to force Germany into taking complete responsibility for the war and it was stripped of its colonial possessions in the Pacific

War guilt clause?

Forced Germany to admit sole responsibility for started WWI

What was the effect of Germany was forced to admit war guilt?

They would have to cleanup, re-build, dis-assemble their army and pay millions of dollars in war debts

Who was blamed for ww1 in the Treaty of Versailles War Guild Clause?

Germany. The War Guilt Clause was included as an excuse for all the harsh punishments and restrictions directed at Germany. The Clause forced Germany to admit that the war was their fault and that they should be punished.

Why did Germany object the Treaty Of Versailles?

The Versailles treaty took away German territory, forced it to pay war reparations, and limited its military. Germans found the terms of the treaty insulting, particularly a section that forced Germany to admit it was the sole guilty party for the cause of World War One.

To publicly admit an error as Galileo was forced to do is to?


To publicly admit an error as Galileo was forced to do is to .?


He was forced to admit publicly that the earth stood motionless at the center of the universe.?


What did Germany have to admit for World War 1?

That they had started the war.

What famous treaty did Adolf Hitler oppose?

The Treaty of Versailles. It took away Germany's pride and money. They had to pay for war damages. They also had to admit defeat and say it was their fault. That hurt their pride. Imagine admitting defeat to foreigners. The Germans hated foreigners.

What were the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

The harsh caluses were that ;- Germany was to be stripped of nearly all armed forces- Germany lost all their colonies and a good deal of home territory- Germany had to pay for damages that occured in the war to allied nations- Germany was to admit that they were soley responsible for starting ww1 (the War Guilt Clause)- The map of Europe was redrawn to allow for the self determinations of many peoples who before the war were discontnt with being part of the various empires