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the first filipino flag can be trace from the time of the Andres Bonifacio's secrete society named kataastaasan kagalanggalangang katipunan ng mga anak ng bayan or ( highest and most honorable Society of the son of the nation) we known as KKK. Benita Rodriquez , Gregoria de jesus and bonifacio's wife who made this

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Q: Who made the first filipino flag?
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What do the colours in the Filipino flag mean?

Colors of the Filipino flag: Red: bravery Blue: peace White: purity

Where was the flag of the us made?

The first flag was made in 1775 for the navy by Francis Hopkins. Congress has recognized him as the first person to make the American flag.

Was the first American flag made out of marijuana?

No, the first American flag was made out of tabocco. The person that made it was left handed also.

What is the flag name of Philippines?

The name of the Philippines flag is 3 stars and a sun. The Filipino flag was adopted on June 12th, 1898.

Who were the people that made the US flag?

Betsy Ross made the first American Flag.

Who was the first person that made the Italian flag?

Napoleon was the first person who designed and made the Italian flag. The Italian flag was not introduced until the year of 1919.

What was the date when Betsy Ross make the first flag?

She made the first flag in 1776.

How many states have ratified the American Flag?

The flag wasn't "ratified". The first flag was made in 1776 by Francis Hopkins for the navy and Congress has recognized this flag as the first along with the man who made it. The Constitution is ratified ,not a flag.

What is the Filipino word for flag pole?

The Filipino word for flag pole is "pataas ng bandila" or "tanggulan ng bandila."

Who made the first lone star flag?

Georgia Girl made the lone star flag

What does the sun represent on the filipino flag?

The sun in the Filipino flag represents independence and freedom. It has eight rays which symbolize the first eight provinces that revolted against Spanish colonial rule.

What year was Romanian flag made?

The first Romanian flag, similar to the flag from today, is from 1834.