Who was Patton's third Army?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Patton's Third Army was led by the irascible and stubborn General George Patton. They fought bravely in the Battle of the Bulge and across Germany to Berlin.

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Q: Who was Patton's third Army?
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Where is Foy the village located?

The village Foy is located in Belgium, near the town of Bastogne. The town is famous for its occupation by George S Pattons Third army during World War II.

Who was George Meeks in World War 2?

pattons orderlyPatton's Orderly

What was george Pattons role during world war two?

At different times during the war he commanded the Third, Seventh and the Fifteenth US Armies.

What was General Pattons highest rank in the American army?

Not the highest. Highest is General of the Armies. He was one step below, which is just a General

Third largest army in world?

Indian army is the third largest army in the world it has 3,773,300 troops.

The date of the battle of d-day?

The invasion started on June 6 1944, I suppose it lasts until Op Cobra, the breakout by Pattons 3rd US Army in July.

When was Third Army - Japan - created?

Third Army - Japan - was created in 1904.

When did Third Army - Japan - end?

Third Army - Japan - ended in 1945.

When was Third Army - France - created?

Third Army - France - was created in 1914.

What was george Pattons middle name?


When did Japanese Third Area Army end?

Japanese Third Area Army ended in 1945.

When was Thirty-Third Army - Japan - created?

Thirty-Third Army - Japan - was created in 1944.