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Q: Who was the Last Confederate general to die?
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When did Edward Higgins - Confederate general - die?

Edward Higgins - Confederate general - died on 1875-01-31.

When did James Henry Lane - Confederate general - die?

James Henry Lane - Confederate general - died on 1907-09-21.

Who was the Confederate general that General Pickett reported to at the Battle of Gettysburg?

Confederate General Pickett reported to Lieutenant General James Longstreet at the US Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. General Pickett led the infamous Confederate charge that crippled his forces on the last day of the 1863 battle.

The last failed Confederate attack in the battle at Gettysburg was lead by General?

George Pickett

What year did General Lee die?

Confederate General Robert Edward Lee died in 1870at Lexington, Virginia.

Who was the last confederate commander to surrender thus bringing the civil war to the end?

The last regular army Confederate general to surrender was Lt. Gen. E. Kirby Smith on May 26th 1865. He then fled to Mexico with some 2000 of his troops. Cherokee Chief Stand Waitie who was aligned with the Confederate army did not surrender his force of warriors from various Indian tribes until June 23rd 1865. As Waitie was commissioned a brigadier general in the Confederate Army, he can be said to be the last Confederate general to surrender; however, Waitie did not command a Confederate army but rather a coalition of native American irregulars aligned with but not a part of the Confederate Armed Forces.

Is Lewis armistead a confederate or union general?

Confederate General

Name of last confederate widow to die?

Alberta Martin died in 2004 was thought to be the last Confederate widow. But Maudie Hopkins died in 2008. The picture is of Maudie Hopkins.

What West Point class did Confederate General George Edward Pickett graduate from?

Confederate General George Edward Pickett graduated with the West point class of 1846. He ranked last in his class of 59 students.

Was Stonewall Jackson a general in the Confederate Army?

Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate General.

Was general Barnard E Bee confederate or union?

He's a Confederate general.

What is a sentence for confederate?

I saw a confederate general.