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Q: Who was the leader of the militia near Washington?
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Was George Washington a patriot militia leader?

Yes, he was

The leader of the American militia at fort necessity is?

George Washington

Who was the leader of the militia in Washington county Alabama in the war of 1812?

Hugh pinkerton

Who was the leader of the militia that went to fort Duquesne and asked the French to leave?

George Washington

Was George Washington a Virginian militia leader?

YES. Washington was appointed a major in the Virginia militia just before the Seven Years War (called the French and Indian War in North America) and served and led with distinction in that war.

Who was the American leader at the Lexington and Concord battle?

The Minutemen/militia were lead by Captain John Parker

Why did George Washington get picked to be a leader during the American Revolution?

Because he trained the Virginia militia with no experience and won the battle of Yorktown and was a 6 star general.pussy

Colonel George Washington led a militia force into the Ohio Valley in 1754. What was the name of the fort that Washington built and was near the site of the first battle of the French and Indian War?

Fort Necessity

Who was chosen as the commander of the militia?

President Washington

Leader who put down the whiskey rebellion?

President George Washington personally lead a federal militia against the rebels. The rebellion occured not far from Philapelphia, which was then the Capital of the nation.

What battle is where Washington made his mark as a leader?

Near what is now Confluence, Pensylvania (May 28, 1754).

Who went to Boston to train the militia?

George Washington