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Japan,they have a stronger will they would have fought to the death. look at how long it took the Americans to conquer the pacific.

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Q: Who would have won in World War 2 Britain or japan?
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Who controlled Japan after world war 2?


In World War 2 who were Britain in war with?

germany,italy and japan

Who warned Japan that Britain would be in the war?


Why did Japan enter World War 1 on the side of Great Britain?

Japan wasn't in WW1.

What country was against Britain in World War 2?

Germany and Japan

Was russo-japanese war apart of World War 1?

No. WW1 came in 1914. The Russo-Japanese War "almost" or "could have" became Germany & France wanted to side with Russia against Japan; only Britain's "pact" with Japan prevented it. Had Germany/France entered the war against Japan, Britain would have entered the war as Japan's ally...WWI!

What was the total military involved in World War 2?

answer: Malaysia,Japan,Britain,

What and where were the main battles of world war 1 fought?

Japan America And Britain

What countries were against Britain in World War II?

Italy, Japan, and Germany

What countries were involved of world war 1?

japan america europe britain

What country or countries won the war?

For World War 1: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France, Russia and Japan. For World War 2: the US, Britain and Commonwealth, France and the Soviet Union.

Why is world war 1 not world war 1?

Russia cannot be blamed for World War I. There were various alliances in Europe during the time that would create war due to association. The following alliances existed: Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austria, France and Russia, Britain and France and Belgium, Japan and Britain.