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Because they where identical having the same scientific setups; this way he could have a perfect control and test subject for his experiments.

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Because twins where genetically the same so it gave him a perfect control subject and test subject.

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Q: Why did Joseph mengele choose twins over just regular people?
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Who are the people Josef Mengele experimented on?

twins, dwarfs, and small children most people died during research others were killed afterwords and their organs were kept for study

Why was Stalin liked by his people?

Joseph Stalin was a brutal dictator feared by his people.

Why is Dr Joseth Mengele important in World War 2?

Mengele had two histories. Gerald Posner has written a book about his official history based on the available evidence. That was Mengele was not that important, the selections of who to die or work were done by others, and his medical work seemed to have no merit or purpose. After the war he basically was in hiding and died a sad and lonely death. However, Mengele has another history where his work was classified, and he was spirited away to continue with Western intelligence agencies, Brit or USA. His strength was imagining bizzare tortute, torment and trauma, shocking and suden, by breaking all laws, taboos and usual mores. The reason was and is that the more traumatic an encounter, the quicker and stronger the freeze/breakdown/blank slate state achieved for then controlling the victim later with hidden cues. It is today called (now for more and more civilians) Monarch Programming and net has an article from 2002 which is the best I could produce then or now with web accounts using those key words and Mengele's name. It took me 5 weeks. It woill save you that much time and you can read my three or four short articles in half an hour. Beware, evidence is thin but Mengele's name keeps popping up and I know from a past sighting this was his (master's) secret agenda which makes him "important", even if he himself was brainwashed to do it without mercy, making his. curiously, legally excusable. Who were the hidden masters? How can the West be sure they are on top? The best evidence comes from the increasing cues , triggers and motifs placed in the mass media to automate Mengele's reach into those programmed. Google Monarch Programming and you will see Mengele was kept at work into old age because the CIA under Helms decided to burn all the records from before 1973 when the project went "dark". At least he could use active and reactive assessment techniques to recognise those people /children that had been through his hands in the early decades. google my name with these keywords above.

Why did he salvino armate choose this career they did salvino armate?

so people could see

Who were the main scientists during the Holocaust?

Some of the scientists included Dr. Sigmund Rasche who conducted freezing and hypothermia experiments and Dr. Josef Mengele who conducted experiments on twins which included dissecting them then comparing they're body parts. These are some of the most famous scientists because of they're grusome experiments on innocent people.

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Did dr. mengele do medical experiments on animals?

Dr. Josef Mengele did use animals in his labs as well as Jews and the weaker people of Europe.

What was one experiment of Dr Joseph Mengele?

Dr Mengele's 'experiments' were gruesome and should not be used because many people use this site. Go to Google and type in Dr Mengele's experiments but be warned these experiments are sick and are not for the faint hearted. ** He would inject childrens eyes with dye and bleach trying to make their eyes change color. He sewed [seperate] twins together to make a conjoined twin. he did many many horrible things.

How did josef mengele experiments affect other people?

most of the other people involved died.

Who are the people Josef Mengele experimented on?

twins, dwarfs, and small children most people died during research others were killed afterwords and their organs were kept for study

What are three types of human experimentation mengele did at Auschwitz?

Blind/deff people Disabled people twins

Who Wears a monocle and uses a baton to separate people to the right and left?

Dr. Mengele

How did Josef Mengele become the angel of death and Why?

He did tests on people that left them dead/paralyzed.

Did josef mengele influence society?

The main groups which were effected by Mengele's Experiments were the Jews , Twins (Mainly Children Twins) and Family's with Physical Abnormalities. He did experiments like trying to die people's eyes and Amputations of Limbs.

Is dr Josef mengele a ghost?

Some people believe that he still haunts the grounds of Auschwitz, yes.

What role did Joseph mengele had during World War 2?

Mengele was One of the doctors in the holocaust, he played a role with the gas chambers mostly. And did very well. Sadly. He devised several ways to kill large numbers of Jews in gas chambers instead of the buses or by shooting them. He was also later suppose to be tried in the Nuremberg Trails but he has escaped to an isolated life near the beach, though he was hardly ever out of the house because people were looking for him. He later finally went for a swim, had a heart attack, and died, some of his friends that were with him buried him. His bones were found and in the 1990s scientists were able to recover enough DNA to later say that it was in fact Mengele.

What were the names of the doctors that done some of the testings in the Jewish people in the consentration camps?

Dr Josef Mengele was perhaps the most infamous.

Why would Hap Arnold Joseph Stalin and Joseph Grew be against the atomic bombing of Japan?

There were people who would choose a beach attack no matter the casualties in our side. They would say the numbers of deaths of the enemy was too high.