Why did woodie shoot himself?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His girlfriend died of cancer.

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Q: Why did woodie shoot himself?
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What battle did Hitler kill himself?

Hitler died during the Battle of Berlin but did not take any part in the battle itself. He chose instead to take a cyanide capsel and simultaneously shoot himself in the head than risk the prospect of being captured by the Red Army.

In world war 1 what were battles called between aircraft's?

Air plane battles in ww1 are calledDogfights if a fighter was skilled and had no mercy he would shoot the parachute or the man himself

Why did Adolf Hitler shoot himself?

Answer 1: Hitler knew that he couldn't win. He could see that his 'perfect empire' wasn't going to succeed and he realized that it was only a matter of time before his enemies caught him and killed them himself, perhaps in an undesirable way. Answer 2: He had more enemies than friends, it is a myth that he killed himself just after he overheard some of his NAZI buddies discuss how they were going to kill him

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== == Hitler had one wife named Eva Braun Actually he married her the day before she shot her self and he killed himself with drugs. Why did she shoot herself? They both poisoned themselves with cyanide, then Hitler shot himself. Hitler did not want what happened to Mussolini to happen to him. He was a coward.

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How did antioch woodie die?

He shot himself in the head fool

Why did chris benoit shoot himself?

He didnt shoot himself

Why did woodie commit suicide?

Woodie did not leave a suicide note after he killed himself. His friends and family has said he suffered from depression after his wife died in an automobile accident.

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Is woodie woodie about the 26th parallel?

woodie woodie is rougly 250kms from marble bar and 450 from port hedland

How did antioch norteno woodie commit suicide?

he shot himself in the head...... rip wood, look out for the homies

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Ryan woodie wood?

He was a famous Norteno rapper, and he lived in the Bay Area. He shot himself in March of 2007.

Who killed woodie?

He shot himself cause his girlfriend passed away in a car accident most people try to say he was shot in a gang war and tried to make it look like a suicide but he did kill himself R.i.P. Woodie

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How tall is Woodie Fryman?

Woodie Fryman is 6' 2".

Did woodie the norteno bay area rapper have any kids and or a wife?

Umm im his cuzin but i never got to see him and i knw his real cuzin and he has a grlfriend named Savannah...but back to my cuzin woodie he did not have no kids at all but he did have a girlfriend and he died becuz his grl have a coma and he knew se was gonna die and didnt want her to so he shoot himself in his backyard....and that was that...i wish he never did that but im jus trying to get over woodie baybehh your still here and we will never ever in life forget you....R.I.P WOODIE!we all love you so much you made us proud and i wanna be a singer jus like you and im trying to get a producer to help me wit my music...but that's Rosa Bartlett