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Because it is well known:)

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Q: Why is flanders field well known?
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Do poppies still grow in Flanders field?

Why did only poppies grow in Flanders field.....

Who is the speaker in In Flanders Field?

The speaker of flanders field is "the dead" in line 6 it says "we the dead" as if speaking to the reader.

In Flanders Field was written in reference to a battle in which country?

The poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae was written during the Second Battle of Ypres.Ypres is a city in Belgium.

What is the country and the field in which the poppies grew?

flanders field in France

In which country is flanders field?

Flanders Fields is the name given to the battlefields from World War I. The fields are located between West Flanders and East Flanders in Belgium.

Who invented the French version of in Flanders field?

The Major Jean Pariseau, a Canadian historian and writer, wrote the French version of 'in Flanders field'.

What is flanders field?

Flanders field was the battlefront in Flanders during World War 1. There died a lot of British soldiers, so one of those British soldiers wrote a poem: In Flanders fields. Flanders is located in Belgium. It lies in the north of Belgium and they speak Dutch (Flemish).

What is the name of the field that poppys grew in?

Poppies were grown in Flanders Field.

What is the most well known field that USC offers?

The most well known field at USC are the Business and Communications field

Why is flanders field a good poem?


Which european country has an area called flanders?

Belgium. A great battle was fought at Flanders Field in WWI.

Is there a military cemetery at flanders field?

There is a Wolrd War One US Military Cemetery near Waregem (Belgium) called Flanders Field Military Cemetery.