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Journalism is too coal-black to be yellow. Journalism is more weak

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The yellow journalism of the Spanish American war and television coverage of the Vietnam war both illustrate that

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Q: Why was yellow journalism important during the Spanish American war?
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Why was yellow journalism used during the Spanish American War?

It sold newspapers.

What headline related to the Spanish American war is an example of yellow journalism?

"Sinking of the USS Maine: Spanish Sabotage! Remember the Maine and to hell with Spain!"

Why was William McKinley an important figure during the Spanish-American War?

He was the US President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces during the Spanish American War.

Who was important during the Spanish-American War?

General Nelson Miles headed the US Army.

What role did Juan Cortez play during the Spanish American war?

What was the name of the leader who lead the Spanish during the Spanish- American war?

What effect did the yellow journalism used by Hearst and Pulitzer before and during the Spanish American War have on the American reactions to the situation in Cuba?

It kept people emotionally attached to the plight of the Cuban people and made them favor US involvement in Cuban Independence.

Why did people criticize yellow journalism?

Yellow journalism was a technique done by many journalists in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. Most of it was made up, or extremely exaggerated in order to put certain ideas in to people's heads. For example, during the Spanish-American war, yellow journalists wrote that the Spanish were throwing captives into shark infested water or being fed to dogs, which in unlikely; however, it got the American's to back up the war.

Who was the Spanish Army leader during the Spanish-American War?


What role did Emilio play in Spanish American war?

He was the leader of the Philippine's during the Spanish-American war.

What role did Emilio play in the spanish American war?

He was the leader of the Philippine's during the Spanish-American war.

American governor of Philippines during the Spanish American War?

William Howard Taft was the first US Civil Governor of the Philippines, but he got that appointment AFTER the Spanish-American War. There was no American governor f the Philippines during the Spanish-American War because until the war was over the Philippines were a Spanish possession and had a Spanish governor.

What describes the type of writing William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer used to sell more newspapers and to encourage Americans to declare war on Spain?

Sensationalist journalism, also known as yellow journalism, was the type of writing used by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. They exaggerated stories and used eye-catching headlines to attract readers and increase newspaper sales, particularly during the Spanish-American War. Their reporting helped shape public opinion and contribute to the push for U.S. involvement in the conflict.