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The Nuremberg trials were significant because Nuremberg was the city in Germany where the Nuremberg Laws were created, which deprived Jews of German citizenship. The trials were held in Nuremberg because it was almost like a punishment for the Nazis.

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Q: Why were the Nuremberg trails significant?
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Nuremberg Trails?

Trails for Germans who committed crimes against humanity

What role did the Nuremberg trails play in the holocaust?

The Nuremberg trials were post Holocaust.

What is a Nuremberg trails?

A road to Nuremberg. However, the Nuremberg Trials were a series of military tribunals to punish Nazi war criminals.

What group was tired at the Nuremberg Trails?

The Nazi leaders of he death camps were tried at the Nuremberg Trials.

Who was the lead prosecutor in Nuremberg trails?

The lead prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials was Robert H. Jackson, the Chief United States Prosecutor. He played a significant role in presenting the case against the Nazi war criminals to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg after World War II.

When did the Nuremberg trials occur?

The Nuremberg trials occurred between 1945 and 1946 in Nuremberg, Germany. These trials were a series of military tribunals held to prosecute major war criminals of the Axis powers after World War II.

Why were the Nuremberg Laws significant?

They were proclaimed in Nuremberg.

Who were the defendants of the Nuremberg trails?

Nazi related officials and soldiers.

What was the names of the trails of Nazi leaders?

The Nuremberg Trials.3

What addressed by the Nuremberg Trails?

Nazi war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

In World War 2 where did the war crimes trails take place?


What was the Nuremberg trails?

they were the Nuremberg Trials, to try the Nazi criminals who committed murder during the WW ll atrocities against the Jewish people.