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The answer to this question depends on what is meant by the "non-Jewish victims during the Holocaust". If the term is understood as including all victims of criminal violence for which Nazi Germany or its allies were responsible, the answer to the question may be found in the blog article starting under

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There were still a large number of people who were not Jewish who went to the Death and Work Camps. It did not matter who you were, if at any point the Nazi party viewed you as a threat you were exterminated. Many people who were wealthy, well educated, and had a lot of political sway were among the first to be dealt with during the Holocaust. But the Holocaust was mainly to target Jewish people because Hitler had painted them as the cause of all the problems Germany had since the first World War.

Russians, Gypsies, Polish, Czechs, Homosexuals, and anyone who was not of the "Ayrian" race were killed by "The Solution" meaning they were either worked to death, were put into the gas chambers, or were shot and dumped into trenches.

It was a terrible time. For anyone who was deemed a threat to the Nazi Party.

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The non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust was killed for multiple reasons. Some were homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, mentally and physically handicapped, and/or Communists.

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Q: Why were the non-Jewish victims of the holocaust killed?
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How were Jews victims in the holocaust?

They were victims in the way that they were persecuted and killed.

What is the word for all the Jews that got killed during the holocaust?


How many victims that were sent to exterminating camps were killed?

there were 6 million Jew killed in the holocaust

How many victims were killed in the holocuast?

50 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

How many salvs were killed in the holocaust?

Troops were not killed in the Holocaust, but Jews 6 million died. ____ The Holocaust was genocide, not a war.

Why was the Japanese Holocaust so forgotten?

The term 'Japanese holocaust' is not in general use and is ambiguous. Please explain who the victims were and who killed them.

What were victims of the Holocaust described as?

Holocaust victims.

What did the Nazi do to the victims of the Holocaust?

burned them to death and killed them with deadly gases....the list goes on and on

What is the Holocaust when Hitler killed Jews?

Although there were numerous victims of the Holocaust, the Holocaust refers to the approximately six-million Jews who perished between 1939-1945.

How many Jew were killed out of a total population of Jews living during the Holocaust?

Approximately six million of the estimated nine million Holocaust victims were Jewish.

Where are the Holocaust victims now?

The victims are dead.

How many nonjewish people were killed in the Holocaust and who were they?

Politial prisoners, that is individuals who openly opposed the Nazis and common criminals or Greens as they were often called were also killed in the Concentration camps. There was no systematic extermination of these two groups and they were more often killed as a result of overwork or disease. Homosexuals or pinks are estimated to have had between 10 and 15 thousand killed. Another persecuted group were the Jehovah Witnesses and estimates range between 2,500 and 5,000 were executed plus more than 200 Witnesses were tried and executed for refusing military service. The largest non-jewish victims of the Holocaust were Romas or Gypsies of whom no less than 250,000 were exterminated. There were also about 300,000 Soviet prisoners of war killed in the camps.